Friday, February 25, 2005

OK, I Will...

The Times reports today that Governor Schwarzenegger is going on the road to raise even more funds for "...a possible reelection campaign and other Schwarzenegger endeavors." This, of course, from the man who ran for office promising to never raise money, saying "I have enough", then revising that to a promise to not take money from "special interests". But then, we he raised money hand over fist from a variety of interests; he redefined "special interests" as essentially "those who don't agree with me". What a breath of fresh air ridiculous nonsense he has been.

After discussing the many fundraisers the governor will be attending next month, the article closes with this nugget:
Schwarzenegger said Wednesday that only the media cares about the large amounts of money he is collecting. He said he needed the funds to fight interest groups, such as public-employee unions, that plan to spend tens of millions of dollars this year to defeat his proposals.

"The people don't see it as a negative," Schwarzenegger said at a press briefing. "Maybe the press does, but the people don't. I have never seen anyone come up to me and say, 'Governor, please stop the fundraising.' "

Ok, Mr. Governor, I will .

I can't get up to Sacramento or over Santa Monica or Brentwood on the chance that I'll run into him. So I sent him this letter instead:

Governor Schwarzenegger:

In today's Los Angeles Times you were quoted as saying, "I have never seen anyone come up to me and say, 'Governor, please stop the fundraising'". Since I am unlikely to see you any time soon, I am writing to say, "Governor, please stop the fundraising".

I am not a member of the press. I am a citizen of California and I am sick to death over the state of our state's government. You have pledged to change the tone and process of government and sadly have chosen to do neither.

While you ran for office promising to "take money out of politics", you are now raising money at unprecedented levels and in unprecedented ways. While claiming to be a new kind of bi-partisan leader, most of your money will be used to bludgeon the Legislature into submission.

Mr. Governor, if you are going to effectively lead our state, there must be at least some congruence between your statements and your actions. So I am now formally asking you, for the benefit of our state and your own integrity:

Governor, please stop the fundraising.


Bob Ramsey
Glendora, CA

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