Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Two Wrongs, Finally, Make a Right

Nine years ago, I was the last person under the age of 50 and older than 18 to get a cell phone. I got it through Costco, following the logic that anyone who can sell you a really good hot dog and a soda for $1.50 must know something about cell phones. But then my service - I forget who it was - was bought by Cingular, and so my service was not very good.

Flash forward to a couple of years ago. I'd been vaguely unhappy with my service and since numbers were now portable, I resolved to get a new phone with a new service. And so I walk into the Cingular store, not realizing that the service I am about to sign up for for even a longer period is the same service I'm trying to get rid of. Whoever that guy was who wrote about how there are several different kinds of intelligence and how none of us have all of them must have followed me around for awhile.

Except today, I find out that maybe I was right all along, because while Cingular may have awful service, they're also the only service on which you can use this:


Greybush said...

I want this phone but I'm not switching to Cingular. If Sprint gets on this, then I'm there!

Aaron C said...

I have Cingular and my plan is up so I will be getting the new Apple phone for sure... oh wait, I'm just going to get the phone that is free after rebate. What a sad life I lead.

Captain GoBart said...

The "techie" card works every time for the American male. Customer service be damned, I want the latest, coolest, gadget! Now!

Good luck, the iphone looks great!