Saturday, December 24, 2005

I Was Wrong and I Was Right

As Jim pointed out in the comments to the previous post, it turns out that the Little Red Book/DHS agent story is a hoax. I'm glad this wasn't true, but don't forget that a whole lot of other stuff reported this week is true. I'm sad that we live in a time which made it very easy for me to believe the library story.

On the other hand, we went to Casa Bianca last night with some friends, and as I've said before, it was amazing.

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Captain GoBart said...

To echo the infamous words of Tammy Faye, "I'd believe in Casa Bianca even if it did not exist."

While I love the internet, and blogs, there is a lot of trash being spread out there which is not true. It is sad that it sounding true for some people means it is true. Gotta check the sources, and then check them again. And like a good soccer referee, wait to see what develops, and make sure the call is right, rather than jumping to conclusions. Which is, by the way, my favorite form of exercise!

Peace to the Ramsey clan!