Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Linkage XXVII

Post-It = Problems John Holbo, writing at Crooked Timber, relates the story of a friend who was called in by an enraged university librarian for... leaving a Post-It note in a book. Seems the glue on those things can mess up the pages of the books. Who knew?

Hey, do you know a guy...? Need help with a software or application problem? Don't know how to do a particular task? Need some bodies to make something happen? Check out Favorville, a new social networking site, which gives you another way to ask for and to give favors. This is a great idea. (Via AJ Schwanz)

Wanna Hear Whitman? Here's a link to poet Walt Whitman reading four lines from his poem "America", taken from a wax cylinder. (Via Marginal Revolution)

Worst. Argument. Ever. On balance, I think that state sanctioning of same-sex marriage is a bad idea. But if this article (Nero? You gotta be joking!) is the best argument that cultural conservatives can come up with, I may have to change my mind. (Via Crooked Timber)

What Could Have Been (and wouldn't have needed to have been) Want to hear a politician deliver a thoughtful and coherent speech, one with complete sentences and correctly pronounced words? Go read Al Gore's MLK day speech where he calls on President Bush to stop trashing the Constitution (or listen to it here).

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