Monday, February 27, 2006

The Meme of Four

Edited on 5/30 to correct a misspelling which I discovered when I followed a reference to my blog which came about because the person doing the search misspelled what they were looking for. I find this embarrasing.

Last month, just before I fell into blogging silence, Susan Kitchens of 2020 Hindsight (and a former neighbor) "tagged" me with the "Four Things" meme that had been bouncing around the internets for most of the past year. Now that I'm waking again, here are mine:

Four Jobs I've Had:
- Fireworks delivery truck driver
- Baskin Robbins ice cream scooper (2 days!)
- Track Starter (I was packin' a real .38)
- Van's shoe seller (during the first Off the Wall craze)

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
- Local Hero
- Monty Python and the Holy Grail
- Chariots of Fire
- Pulp Fiction

Four Books I Have Read Over and Over
(This is from Susan. Does not include books you've read to your children when they were small).
- Gaudy Night - Dorothy Sayers (Me, too, Susan)
- Wonder Boys - Michael Chabon
- High Fidelity - Nick Hornby
- The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis

Four Places I've Lived
(Pretty lame list)
- Denair, CA
- San Dimas, CA (where Bill and Ted are from)
- Pasadena, CA
- Azusa, CA

Four Places I've Vacationed
(again, pretty tame, pretty lame)
- Yosemite
- So. Utah, Denver, Santa Fe, Phoenix - all in four days
- Kern River (caught a fish when I was five)
- San Franciso

Four TV Shows I Love
- The Daily Show
- The West Wing
- Law & Order
- Gilmore Girls (But only the secondary characters. I'm sick of Lorelai and Rory)

Four Favorite Dishes

- Penne Arrabiata (cooked by me)
- Special Pizza at Casa Bianca
- Oki Burrito at Manuel's El Tepeyac
- La Lasagna de Tutte Lasagne (cooked by me)

Four Websites I Visit Daily

- L.A. Riot Squad's discussion board
- Talking Points Memo
- Slate
- Soccernet

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now

- Traveling, almost anywhere (that's more than four, but whatever...)

(My addition) Four Things That Make Me Warmly Happy
- People being nice to my kids
- Watching our pet guinea pig walk around and hearing her "sing"
- Watching the sun come up (on some days)
- Meeting wild rabbits

Four People I'm Tagging with This
- Robert - Through a Glass Darkly
- Jeff - Evil Twin of William Jennings Bryan
- Gregg - Gregg's Gambles
- Johann - Can you believe?


Aaron C said...

I too love the Oki burrito from El Tapyac, it is affordable and delicous.

Jeff said...

I bit and added this BS to my blog.

an said...

"Talking Points Memo" isn't about that slacker, Memo Gonzalez, is it? ;)

an said...

Bob, I have to say that I miss your rants.

Father Dave said...

Here's to hoping that I have the correct Bob Ramsey. I've looked through a few of the posts and all of them lead me to believe that you either are the man I knew, or Glendora has gotten a second Bob Ramsey in the period of twenty or so years. In 1990, way back when, when I was a youngin' of 22 I was an Youth Pastor at Glendora Friends under his pastorate...and that man would have been around 9,490 days old at the time. Wonderin' if this Bob's wife's name is Wendy...'cause that would seal the deal. How bizarre would this be if this was the same guy!??

Jeff said...

He only checks his own blog once evry other month so get ready to wait in order to find out.

Father Dave said...

Hmmm...well Jeff, I've waited almost 20 years and it certainly hasn't "hounded" me ...:). However, the time in waiting has allowed me to peruse more & more of his journal entries and I believe it is a foregone conclusion that this IS in fact the very man that I served (happily, I might add) under for a time. But thanks for the heads up!

Hillary Evans said...

Hello Professor,

This is one of your old students-- Hillary Evans. Reading your writings is like being in class again. =) SO funny!

If you want a reminder-- I do believe I have a blog site from a trip I took recently--