Monday, May 22, 2006

Back At It?

Well, I hope.

As I'd said below, the mendacious clown show in Washington had reduced me to pure ranting anger. Beyond, you know, my actual work, the evidence of which rarely showed up here, all I could produce was rant after rant about our lying/torturing/spying leaders. And there's plenty of that on the internets, so you don't need anymore from me. (But before I go on to make my point, you should go read this in which the Attorney General this weekend threatened to imprison any journalist who writes about anything based on a leak, and no, he wasn't talking about Robert Novak).

So today, I rise from my slumber to embrace the greatest use of the blog side of the internet beyond ranting and vanity: snark.

Yesterday, the Dodgers completed a three game sweep of the Angels. As they say online:


I've been a Dodger fan for a long time. I know that part of the deal is going up and down with your team, although I've found the current regime even more dispiriting than the previous. But the thing that has really gotten to me is watching the Angel band wagon fill up over the past few years.

Ever since their World Series victory, I've seen more and more Angel caps around my community (and USC gear) too. More and more people saying transparently false things like "Oh I've always been an Angel fan". Or worst of all, hearing my own Father claim recently "I've always really supported both teams" when I know that is, um, not the case. And now that I'm part of a church in Orange County, I have to deal not only with the indignity of being with people who think wearing an untucked raw silk short sleeve shirt is dressing up, but I also have to worship with a whole bunch of Angel fans.
So to all of you I say - "Three wins in three days - BOOYAH!"


Gregg Koskela said...

Welcome back!

You know I hate the Dodgers, so I really don't have to mention that I hate the Dodgers; it's completely unnecessary to say, "I hate the Dodgers," when I've already told you previously, "I hate the Dodgers." So you won't catch me saying, in response to this blog post, that "I hate the Dodgers."

But since you talked about bandwagons, I have rant of my own about bandwagon-jumping. What's with all the recent hatred toward Barry Bonds? What makes all you losers think there's room on the bandwagon? I've hated the guy ever since the Giants made the ridiculous deal to pay the guy in the first place. I recall distinctly saying, on multiple occasions, "I can't believe we traded away the heart and soul of our team (Matt Williams), the guy who epitomizes hard work and everything that's right about baseball, so that we could pay for the anti-Christ, Barry Bonds, the epitome of everything wrong with baseball."

I want to be sure you know that I won't repeat myself about hating the won't see me saying "I hate the Dodgers" on this blog.

Aaron C said...

This brings up an interesting point, the bandwagon that is being talked about is mainly suburban. While dodgers fans (like myself) continue to either be urban or at least aware that Orange county is not the center of the cultural universe. Anyways the point is Angels fans are racist.

Captain GoBart said...

Welcome back, Bob.

I hate to disagree with Gregg about said emotional reaction to the Dodgers. Any man who hates the Dodgers must be my friend. (So how can I be friends with someone who loves the Dodgers?) Life is a mystery.

However, Gregg has his facts wrong. Facts are, indeed, stubborn things. The Giants did not trade Matt Williams for Barry Bonds. They signed Bonds as a free agent in 1993. The Giants initially drafted Bonds in the 2nd round in 1982, but he did not sign with them.

Gregg is misremembering that Matt Williams was traded to the Cleveland Indians for Jeff Kent in 1997. So Bonds and Williams were actually teammates for four years.

Bottom line, I agree with Bob in his evaluation of the Angel bandwagon.

Gregg Koskela said...

I hate it when facts interfere with my infallibility.

an said...

You're back! I thought I would only see your rants on the LARS boards.