Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Linkage XXVIII

"Tigers are tough and tigers are fierce..." Calvin and Hobbes, all right here. (via Brad DeLong). The bummer of this is that it has to violate copyright law, right?

"Duuude, you're not gonna get cancer." "Whaaat?" Ezra Klein cites an extensive new study which indicates that marijuana smoking not only does not cause lung cancer but that it may actually prevent it. Who knew? Although now that the members of the cannabis community know, they'll probably forget that they knew. You know?

Anima-morphism? Some time back, I took note of some of the silly "lessons" people were taking from the March of the Penguins. Susan Kitchens saw the dvd over the weekend and applied the documentary's style of observation and commentary to herself and her "male". Good stuff.

"Over-rated - clap, clap, clapclapclap" In this week's New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell reviews Wages of Wins, a statistical analysis of relative worth of basketball players. The books says that Kevin Garnett is The Man - the problem is his teammates get worse and worse. Gladwell follows up on the review and the comments it has generated here and here on his blog. And btw, Carmelo Anthony is only the second most overrated player in the game, which comes as something of a surprise to me.

More Commentary on the WBE Fred Clark of Slacktivist continues his discursive close reading of Left Behind - the worst book ever. This week, he reflects further on conversion stories, and references his earlier post in which he likens testimony stories with porn. No, really. Just go read it.

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Susan Kitchens said...


Gladja liked it. I glossed over all the thoughts the female had while laboring over green plants that grow and grow, while resting on her special green kneeler sponge-thingie. Thoughts about the smell of dirt. The female, dirt smell and various rituals. Tons there. Or thoughts on "the power of life" and all that. And an urbanite interested in words musing on metaphorical phrases "feeling uprooted" and so forth. Or what are the conditions for optimum growth. (and that didn't even get into the farmer/agrarian parables, either).

But since I'm commenting here on your blog, I might as well entertain the topic of the female, the male, and the hunting of the basil plant and preparing it with the pasta. But no. We had pasta this weekend. Dan-dan noodles (homemade sauce!) and shrimp fra diavola.

But the capper of it all was that the post was composed, with "the female blogs" punchline, and the male brought back blueberries. The female, she basks in serendipitous perfection!