Friday, April 22, 2005

Fifth Grade... when my children surpass me. I love to travel, but haven't done much of it. In fifth grad, my son Chris was able to take a trip to Philadelphia and the surrounding area - a trip I would love to make and still haven't had a chance to. I was never even on an airplane until I was twenty-nine.

Katie's fifth grade year began with her surpassing me by being elected Student Council President at her school. I made two failed attempts at a similar office, losing in eighth grade, and winning (I think) as a senior in high school, only to be forced to forfeit the election after stupidly failing a comp class the previous semester.

This week she surpassed me again by getting interviewed by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, in her capacity of school president, for feature the paper is doing on her school. As any good political leader, her quotes were rather bland and on message. I've always wanted to be quoted in the paper, but the closest I've come was about a dozen years ago, when a reporter called me to ask about what our church would be doing for Halloween. (At that time, churches were getting really wound up over whether we should mark "the Devil's Holiday") We talked for close to an hour, and I gave her context for the discussion, helped her understand some of the quotes she had received, basically helped her rewrite the entire article. None of my quotes appeared in the final article, unless you count many sentences and several paragraphs which were essential or actual (but unattributed) quotes from our conversation.

Good for them.

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