Saturday, April 16, 2005

Weekly Diary

A great start to the week. Last Saturday night, Chris and I took in the LA Galaxy's 3-1 victory over Real Salt Lake along with our friends from the LA Riot Squad. We love soccer, but also love being with the guys. (Watch this short video to get an idea of just how fun it can be. That's my arm patting one of the video's combatants on the back). You can also see a picture of us at half time here.

We were deeply saddened, however, to learn that the Galaxy (or the corporation which owns the Galaxy and the stadium, AEG) have decided to ban the bacon wrapped hot dog vendors from the facility. These dogs, served with grilled onions, peppers, mustard, ketchup, and Mexican-style mayo (con todo), have become part of the sporting landscape in SoCal. You can see the carts outside Staples center, the Rose Bowl, and the Coliseum. A guy at church had one after the Billy Graham Crusade at the Rose Bowl. We always have them after the matches, and so after last week's victory, we walked out of the stadium ready to follow our noses and the cries of "'oddogh, oddogh, oddogh" to the carts, but they were gone. In memory, I offer this pictorial tribute:

I did my taxes yesterday afternoon, and did them early. I got to the Glendora Post Office by 4:25 pm! Last year, for the first time, I got to be one of those people you see on TV who drive to the big Post Office to get them in by midnight. I drove to Altadena around 10:00 pm. It was kind of fun. This year, we will get $3 back. We owed $115 to the state and will get a $118 refund from the Feds. I'm sure that extra $3 dollars will expand the economy - or at least the well being of the Snyder family.

And that's about it. Wendy was on vacation along with the kids this week, and so I tried to stay happy and stay away from the internet. It was a good week.

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