Monday, August 29, 2005

Adventures in Cool

Yesterday, we began the week and ended the camping weekend by going home via Santa Barbara, making the two mandatory stops: the Territory Ahead outlet store on State Street, and a meal at La Super Rica, where we had an actual star sighting! Oh. My. Goodness! I'm sitting there plowing through my Super Rica Especial when in walks Janel Maloney, who plays Donna Moss on The West Wing. I love The West Wing. I'd love to work in the Bartlett White House! I'd love for Jed Bartlett to be my President. I have seriously spent time wondering if I'm more like Josh, Toby or Sam.

Any way, I was able to shush Wendy when she started to rubberneck, but then while I was sitting there feeling superior, ("At least I know how to handle myself around a star") I didn't realize that Ms. Maloney had sat down right behind me. Without this knowledge, I continued to talk about her and her work, all within her earshot. Oh, my, goodness - I am so embarrassed.

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Dan McCracken said...

I like what this tells me about you. Liking West Wing is a badge of honor. I was glad to discover your blog through Gregg Koskela's.