Monday, August 29, 2005

Put Me in Coach (Dad)

Josh Levin at Slate, in an article about coaches' sons on their Dad's teams, tells us this:
My favorite coach's son story happened in an Indiana high-school basketball game last year. Moments after the team's star forward/coach's son set the county scoring record, one of his teammates passed him the ballĂ‚— while he was sitting on the bench. Dear old dad had been a bit too vocal about passing to sonny boy, it seems, and some adults bribed a kid $45 to mock the father-son duo by taking the instructions a bit too literally.
Here a link to the original story from 1994. I was surprised to read that the officials at the Indiana school thought this was a horrible thing to do - no, not hogging the spotlight for the coach's son - but for showing up the coach.

Today, I begin another season coaching my son in soccer. He'll probably play forward and may end up being our leading scorer. Hmm.

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