Friday, August 26, 2005

That's It

This morning, I have officially and emotionally given up on the Dodgers.

Following their 5-4 loss to Rockies, I now concede that they have no chance to win their division. I say this knowing full well that if they should somehow win the division and make the playoffs that I have forfeited my fan rights and I will be prohibited from climbing onto the band wagon.

The guys just aren't good enough. As bad as the NL West is - it may take only 80 wins to take the title - I don't think the Dodgers have a chance of reaching even that. If they had more to offer and had been playing below their level, I could still hold out hope. But playing .450 ball is their level.

Last night's loss, their 70th - one more than they lost all last year, seems like a sign, and so, that's it. I give up. My heart and I are waiting 'til next year.

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