Thursday, August 18, 2005

Iraq: Much Worse Than You Think

Supporters of the war in Iraq frequently argue that the "successes" of Iraq are underreported, and hint darkly at a media conspiracy. Their arguments rarely include any evidence of those "good things", but they continue to believe that they're there.

But today, via the indispensable Hilzoy at Obsidian Wings, I read this - Iraq: What the Media Won't Tell Us. As they say on the Internets, read the whole thing, but the short version of this horrifying story is this: in Baghdad alone, a city ostensibly controlled and liberated by the US, nearly 1000 people are being killed every month, some by torture, most execution style, and this is simply not being reported.

If "freedom is on the march" in Iraq, as the President likes to tell us, if "progress" is being made, I'd hate to see what "problems" would be.

I wonder how the "media conspiracy" types will account for this?

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