Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Like This - Leonard Cohen

Blessed are you who has given each man a shield of loneliness so that he cannot forget you. You are the truth of loneliness, and only your name addresses it. Strengthen my loneliness that I may be healed in your name, which is beyond all consolations that are uttered on this earth. Only in your name can I stand in the rush of time, only when this loneliness is yours can I lift my sins toward your mercy
- Leonard Cohen, Book of Mercy

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Ashley said...

I've been sitting here for the past 30 minutes or so wrestling with what this says. We live in a culture where loneliness is such a negative thing. I know I hate, and at times fear being lonely. For me I didn't understand how being lonly could at all be a good thing that would be worth embracing. Then I began to think that the author is telling us that it is in thoes times that we seem to reach out to and cry out to God the most. How he can take our loneliness and turn it into a time of healing and restoration.

Great quote!