Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rant of all Rants - Everything that Makes Me Mad All in One Place - Aaarrrrgh!

Wow! I come home tonight, flip on my computer and what do I find? Torture justified, with Bill Frist saying it doesn't matter what happens in our gulag, that what is really wrong is that someone talked about it, the President following through on his threat to veto any bill that bans torture, while a supposedly mainstream blogger argues that opposing torture makes one "pro-terrorist rights". (Oh, and go read this too). I go on to find Darfur genocide bills being stalled at the Administration's request, Pat Robertson on the loose again, calling down God's judgment on Dover, PA, and that Frank McCourt still owns the Dodgers.

My head explodes!

I can't even rant. Just follow the links.


Johan Maurer said...

Be careful, Bob!


Captain GoBart said...

Bob- You forgot something, the soccer refereeing in your area, especially of your team(s). 'Tis a petty madness, I know. But still, you did say "everything" that makes you mad...