Monday, November 21, 2005

Public Diplomacy

In September, Administration official Karen Hughes made her first trip abroad to engage in "public diplomacy". Hughes, a close aide to the President, was appointed recently to a State Department post and given the task of rebuilding the U.S.'s image, especially in the Arab/Islamic world. Her first attempt didn't go so well.

Perhaps our government should look to another possible source of goodwill abroad - American soccer players. A fellow member of the L.A. Riot Squad, known as SpursUSA, gave this report from England of his trip Saturday to watch Reading FC's 3-1 victory over visiting Hull FC. Reading features Americans Bobby Convey, a midfielder, and goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann in their starting eleven:
We watched the two Americans play and Bobby Convey scored the opening goal. He was clearly the MOTM (ed. "Man of the Match"). Brilliant breakaway and finish and Hahnemann played great between the posts.

The supporters chanted: "ole, ole, ole, ole - Convey, Convey"

For Hahnemann it was even simpler: "USA, USA, USA"

Marcus would look over at the crowd and they would all cheer. There were USA flags all over the ground (ed. "stadium") and they were the most popular men on the pitch!


Jeff said...

I think we should send a contingency led by Clint Mathis and Eric Wynalda to the Middle East. Its a win-win situation. Relations really could not get too much worse and maybe they'll cut off Wynalda's head on video.

Bob Ramsey said...

Thanks for coming by, Jeff.

Boy, you're a hard man. But I'll bet a few ex-teamates wouldn't mind seeing that happen to Waldo. After his commentary on the MLS Final, I wouldn't mind if something bad happened to him.

Mathis will take care of himself. He' ten years away from working behind the counter at a bass fishin' shop in Georgia.