Saturday, November 26, 2005

"Would you rather..."

Wendy and I are helping Chris do a major clear out and reorganization of this room today. We've bought a new desk and dresser for him and it's time to get the new stuff in and old stuff out. The problem is that Chris absolutely hates doing this sort of thing. After a few minutes of sorting and tossing, he looked physically ill.

While we were working a few minutes ago, Mormon missionaries came by. I spoke with them for a few minutes and then when I was about to say good-bye I had a brain flash. I excused myself for a moment then went and asked Chris, "Would you rather continue on with your room or go talk to the Mormon missionaries for awhile?"

He chose his room.


Captain GoBart said...

Can you send those missionaries here? We need help cleaning M and R's rooms as well!

Jeff said...

Speaking to Mormons is only fun for people who can turn off their sense of shame or tact for a while. Then you can mess with them. I have a little too much respect for their dedication to mess with them. However, I would rather talk to them than dust, which I hate doing.