Monday, September 05, 2005

DMV - Friday, 3/18/05

I went to the DMV today and I saw...

...a forty-ish white guy sitting down with a magazine and a heavy cold.

...a woman reading the DMV review book, softly, aloud, to herself.

...a young Latino couple, the man was wearing a Raiders cap

...a white, upper middle-class father/daughter duo. The man was late forties, wearing a jacket from the LA Marathon and a wry look. The girl wore Hollister and passed the time speaking on her cell phone while turned, ever so slightly – away from her father.

I went to the DMV today and I saw...

...a forty-ish white guy reading a review of yet another literary novel he will never read.

...a teen boy wearing a sweat shirt with the caption, “I'm bored".

...another young Latino couple, the man wearing a Raiders cap.

...two guys from Victory Outreach up the street, discussing how the combination of Jesus and Pastor Rick had changed their lives. They quoted Pastor Rick directly and Jesus only by inference. They quoted Pastor Rick as saying, “Wherever you go, there you are", unaware that they were quoting Pastor Rick quoting the title character from "Buckaroo Banzai" quoting a watered down version of Zen.

I went to the DMV today and I saw...

...a forty-ish white guy check his wait list ticket one more time because he couldn't remember his number.

...a woman with full sleeve tattoo’s, many piercings, and a mother who followed three steps behind.

...a young woman who was too too:jeans too tight, top too tight, shoes too tall, too much bleach in the hair, too much make up, too much work on the eyebrows, and saddest of all, too much indifference to her mother, who obviously adored her.

...a forty-ish mother and her twenty-ish daughter and a girl about four and a boy about three. The forty-ish woman alternated threats with promises to her grandchildren's provocations, while her daughter seemed bored -– by her kids, by her mother, by the wait -– perhaps by life.

(Oh, and another young Latino couple, the man wearing a Raiders cap).

I went to the DMV today and I saw...

...a forty-ish white guy with a cold becoming panicked when he realized he had just used his last clean tissue.

...a middle aged Asian couple (Vietnamese?) - the woman was there for her driver’s test, and both she and her husband’'s faces beamed with hope.

...a pair of young Latino men: only one wearing a Raiders cap, while the other wore... a Raiders t-shirt.

...a little girl of three, lazily attended by her parents. The parents' faces showed a studied kind of blankness, almost like an armored mask. The girl shone with joy. I hope she never learns from her parents how to make her face into that mask. I hope her parents will learn something from her joy.

I went to the DMV today, and I saw...

...a forty-ish white guy walk back to his car with a replacement for his lost driver's license, after a fifty-five minute wait. He had to wait because he didn't have an appointment because when he went to the DMV website in February to make one and the earliest available was on March 9th, he had said to himself, "I'll just go there and show up. I don’t want to wait until March 9th".

That’s what I saw when I went to the DMV on March, 18, 2005.


On Wednesday, March 30, a forty-ish white guy moved a chair in his living room and found his "lost" driver's license.

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