Monday, September 26, 2005

Linkage VIII

Amazing Stuff Susan Kitchens has several great posts and lots of beautiful photos of Thursday's satellite launch at 2020 Hindsight. (These launches are SoCal's version of the aurora Borealis).

Take Off the Gloves That's what Mark Kleiman says, following the death of another boxer. In the LA Times, boxing writer Steve Springer breaks down the risks and the different proposals for what can be done to keep boxer's safer. (It may be that nothing can be done).

Shark Proof Suit My surfing career was pretty short, and I don't think I ever encountered a shark, except for maybe that time that something bumped my leg. But now those worries are over with the invention of an anti-shark wet suit, which sends out an electrical charge to the water around the wearer. Pretty cool idea.

More from NOLA Via BoingBoing comes a series of links to bloggers among the residents and relief workers in New Orleans. Inspiring and scary stuff.

Frummagem! Henry Farrel over at Crooked Timber tried to coin a new word, taking the somewhat obscure word brummagem, which means "shoddy" or "counterfeit" and affixing "Frum" to beginning, inspired by the egregiously right wing commentator and former White House speech writer David Frum. So frummagem means to make an argument that is both brutally unfeeling and poorly argued. But much to Henry's delight, it turns out that frummagem is a real world, arising from 18th century thieves slang. Who knew!

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