Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Linkage VI

Watch Out! Are you frightened by bears, rabid dogs or coyotes? Your fears are misplaced, says Tyler Cowan at Marginal Revolution.

Penguin Wars It turns out that the documentary, "The March of the Penguins" has been a big hit with conservatives and especially Christian conservatives according to a recent New York Times article. (Which since I first bookmarked it, has disappeared into the Times not-free archive. Here's a similar article from England's The Observer/Guardian). Penguins are apparently "pro-family", and should be seen as examples of "monogamy" and "steadfast faith". Sounds like some people need to learn the meaning of "anthropomorphism".

Penguin Wars, Part 2 Following one of the links in the Times article is like falling down Alice's rabbit hole. It leads to the site for Lions of God, a Christian group (or maybe just one guy, it's unclear) offering the "March of the Penguins Leadership Workshop", which promises to give attenders (and not just Christian leaders!) "...insight into the godly nature of Christianity". If you're wondering if this seminar is "just the opinions of men", have no fear. It's creators have developed a "unique approach", which "...ensures that it is actually not 'taught' by anyone other than the Holy Spirit". No, I am not making this up.

China? Maybe Not How many times have you thought, "If I were to dig a hole straight down through the earth from where I am, where would I end up? Brazilian Luis Felipe has helpfully modified Google Maps to answer that question for us. (Via

Penguin Wars, Part 3 Maybe some of our conservative friends spoke a little to soon. Turns out that penguins are only "serial monogamists", and that some of them may be playing for the other team.

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