Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More on Darfur

Members of the Save Darfur Coalition met today with a State Department official who has responsiblity for that area. The Coalition includes 138 different religious, humanitarian and human rights groups. Prominent among them and in today's meeting is the NAE's Richard Cizik, whose letter to the President I commented on earlier. They reminded the Administration of "...its moral duty to stop the genocide", and made a number of specific proposals on how to do that. You can read about it here.

To their credit, James Dobson's Focus on the Family also just raised the issue on their website. In the "Family News in Focus" section, they just posted "Adminstration Encouraged to Step Up Efforts on Darfur Genocide". Dobson and his rep in Washington, Tony Perkins, were silent on Cizik's earlier letter, but this is still a good development.

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