Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More on Cizik and Darfur

Crickets, crickets.

That's what I'm hearing in the massive and politically engaged evangelical blogosphere after the NAE's Richard Cizik's condemned of the Bush Administration's inaction in Darfur last week. I commented on this earlier.

A Technorati search with the words "darfur cizik" returns three recent hits, one from an atheist, one from a Catholic, and one from... me.

A variety of Google searches continued in the same vein. Clicking through the first five pages of this one revealed a number of references to the statement on liberal/progressive blogs and semi-institutional sites, and even a few from Muslim sites, but absolutely nothing from conservative and/or Christian sites.

The Family Research Council, the Washington arm of James' Dobson's empire, asked us to pray for Darfur in July, after Congress declared a "Weekend of Prayer", but the FRC's head Tony Perkins hasn't gotten around to commenting on Cizik's release nor on Darfur since. To give you some idea of Perkins' priorities, please look at the item above the one I've linked to. In it, he chastises the press for ignoring reports that the London bombers left from a central location and moved in four direction in the form of a cross, and that they left from "King's Cross Station". Oh my goodness.

I'd be very happy to find that someone with better searching skills could prove me wrong. Please let me know if I am.

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