Friday, September 23, 2005

Linkage VII

Beyond Satire Apropos of my earlier post about the Onion, Billmon of Whiskey Bar wonders if our current national story, with it's latest theme of spectacularly unqualified and/or immoral political hacks being appointed to important government jobs, is not the result of a competition between Mark Twain and Franz Kafka to write the craziest characters and story line for us remaining here on Earth.

Hermeneutics, Get 'em Right Here! You know what that means, right? From theologian and Episcopal priest A.K.M Adam, or AKMA as he goes by on the internets, is a four part (one, two, three, four) discussion of the discipline as it applies to biblical interpretation. Even though I don't buy much of what he is selling, it is a very good discussion.

Phone Hell Refrigerarium From Teresa Nielson Hayden at Making Light, come two important links: How to Find a Human on many companies' phones systems, and the hard to get Customer Service Number. Hooorrraaayyy!

The Value of Literacy Video and the same four second sound bites are not enough. Since they started scratching into clay in ancient Sumer, writers have been essential in helping us both know and understand what has happened. So take some time a go read this first person account, "Apocalypse in New Orleans", by a writer with the local Times-Picayune. (Via Teresa at Making Light, whose own response to the article is worth a read, too.)

Not Bees, Deer In the last "Linkage" post, I linked to a discussion of the most dangerous animals to humans in the US, beyond, of course, other humans. The discussion develops further here.

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