Friday, September 30, 2005

Linkage XI

Haptic? What's "haptic"? Apparently something good. Via BoingBoing is a report that scientists in the Netherlands have developed a "haptic" vest. "Laden with actuators, the vest is programmed to push on specific muscle groups to improve the technique of rowers, skaters, soccer players, and other athletes." Or maybe not good. No, definitely not good.

Cats, Kindness, FEMA and Bowl Haircuts Last July, writer Blake Bailey and his wife, who had recently completed her PhD, moved back to New Orleans so she could intern at Tulane University. Early this month, they lost almost everything in the flooding following the hurricane. He has been writing a series of "Dispatches" at Slate which are well worth your time. In the latest dispatch, he combines heartbreaking/heartwarming stories of his wife getting resettled in Florida (from which they had just moved) with troubling encounters with insurance companies, mortgage lenders and a guy in a bowl haircut.

That's "veya-cheh-SLAV kyeer-eh-LEHN-kaw" Ever wonder how to pronounce foreign names that are harder to say than "Tony Blair"? This Washington Post article points to a very helpful online pronunciation guide maintained by Voice of America. It has both simplified pronunciations and short audio clips. Maybe the President can visit it when he has to start talking about Abu Ghraib (AH-boo GREHB) again.

Sex and Stones Every week it seems we learn more about penguins. Turns out those monogamous penguins "act single" quite a bit. (Via TNH)

Jay - "Tell Me Something About Myself", Rufus - "..." Something for the Kevin Smith fans. Get your Jay and Silent Bob Inaction Figures right here.

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