Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Linkage IX

Don't Miss This Turn-key Business Opportunity... Ever here those commercials for home businesses based on vending machines? Usually, it's for candy, snacks, or soda, but now in Japan, you can now get and use a machine for selling live lobsters!

Come On! Order! Kieran Healy has a good combination of the "knucklehead at the airport" and "star sighting" stories in Scene from an Airport. This may make me listen to my REM cd's differently.

Pesto Susan Kitchens discovers it. And makes it. And loves it. You should too. And read my snobby advice in the comments.

NOLA Urban Legends Remember all those reports of killings and rapes and rampant violence in New Orleans following Katrina? And have you heard this used as justification to suggest that the poor residents of New Orleans, "those people", don't deserve help? Well, turns out that much of what reported never happened. (Via Eschaton) And here's a link to another, local report, covering the same ground.

Useful Skill From BoingBoing, here's instructions on how to Cut and Shuffle a Deck with One Hand.

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