Friday, September 02, 2005

Linkage V

Please Note: This version of "Linkage" is a little short. I'm working on some longer things, and more to the point, the hurricane and flood have me focused elsewhere. Depending on responses to some emails, I have one or two rants coming, along with a reflection which came together yesterday.

Via Boing Boing is the report that Zombies have descended on a shopping mall in Vancouver and American Idol auditions in Austin. The Austin incursion, for some reason, makes me very happy. Perhaps we should all read this book. (Thanks, Darren)

Nuevo Bolivar? Since Venezuela's Hugo Chavez (I have a hard time not writing Hugo Sanchez - but he's a story for another time) has featured prominently on this blog, this article from Slate might be worth a look.

I Watch "Blowout" Too Dan Ewald, a guest blogger at Church of the Masses, writes about reality TV, Franken-bytes, and Christians in TV. Plus he gives "big ups" as the kids say, or used to say, to "Arrested Development" and "Gilmore Girls". Go take a look.

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