Friday, October 14, 2005

The Bias Never Stops

The Washington Times is known for being a reliable mouthpiece for the Right. This apparently goes all the way to their sports pages.

Last week, L.A. Galaxy striker Herculez Gomez was invited to meet the President along with a number of other Latino athletes as part of Hispanic Heritage Week. The meeting caps Herc's meteoric rise from $11,000 a year reserve team player to the leading scorer in American soccer. The only sour note was that the President called him... by the wrong name.

According to the Washington Times, Herc was OK with this: "Even though the president called me Hector, it's OK."

But in an article produced by MLS, Herculez had a slightly different response. He is of course very gracious when he says, "I was very privileged and honored to be invited. It was a great experience and something that I'll never forget."

But in response to the President's gaff, Herc said, "I guess it's karma. I voted Kerry. Things happen." Funny how that part didn't make it into the Times article. And in another interview, Herc says, "Overall, it was a good experience. Without soccer, it's something I probably would never have gotten the chance to do, so I'm thankful for that. I was in the White House - I don't think I'll get to do that again."

Herculez, I think you can count on not getting to do that again, assuming White House officials read more than the Washington Times.

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indiana said...

but i would say not just the washington times, the whole of the american media is leaning to the right since sept 11!!.

believe me , when i say this since i am an outsider( i mean i am not an american).

and as far as your prez getting his names wrong, it's par for the course!!.

pardon me , he was never right for you guys, he never is