Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Son, the Comedian

In our family, I have traditionally been the sole provider of irony and angled humor. My wife is too nice to do this, and my kids, up until recently, have been too young. But this is beginning to change.

Saturday night, Chris and I dutifully attended a really awful Galaxy match, in which the G's lost 3-1 in a game that was not even that close. We stood with our friends the L.A. Riot Squad, and after the game, joined the guys in the parking lot for the post-match tailgate.

A number of the guys in the Riot Squad like to drink, although almost to a person they are happy/philosophical drunks. On Saturday Kevin, one of the guys I particularly like, was particularly drunk. Just before we left to go home, Kevin came over to Chris and me and expressed his appreciation of my as a father, told Chris what a fine young man he was, and told us both how much he loved our family.

Then we said goodbye and headed out on the long walk to our car. In the quiet along the way, I decided to have a "Dad moment" so I put my arm around Chris and started to tell him:

Me: "Chris, I love you, and admire you..."

Chris (interrupting): "Not as much as Kevin".

I am now no longer the only comedian in the house.


Captain GoBart said...

Typical smart teenage reaction by C. He will remember that moment long after this blog post is dust. Keep up the good "dad" work.

Skybalon said...

Oh what your son knows of comedy, an apt comment, humorlously stated-
If I rememebr correctly, while at camp (I can't think of where else we would have been), when he did not express the same enthusiasm I had for something or other, I asked, "Why do you hate America so much?" He answered, "I don't- I hate out freedom."