Monday, October 24, 2005

Linkage XVII - Government Follies Edition

Boy, these people are busy.

The White House vs. The Onion
Each week, The Onion produces a mock version of the President's Weekly Radio Address, and posts it alongside an image of the Presidential Seal. Now the White House has told them to stop, because the seal cannot be used for "... in connection with commercial ventures or products in any way that suggests presidential support or endorsement." Since The Onion is barely commercial, could the Administration lawyers be suggesting that the President endorses The Onion? Or that he doesn't? And if not, why not? Stay tuned. (Via)

Orwell, Very Completely Un-dead Another military blogger has been silenced for, you know, acting like an American. Read about it here.

GWB vs. the Truth: 0-10 A few weeks ago, the President said that since September 11, the U.S. had foiled ten active Al-Qaida plots. Eric Umansky produces the final fact check three weeks later. Was the President correct? Not so much.

Now They Tell Us Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, formerly an aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, tells us that the Bush Administration has really made a mess of things. While it is somewhat gratifying to have one's suspicions confirmed, one wishes Wilkerson would have said this when it mattered, like in October, 2004, not 2005.

Hope that Dinner was Good Michael Brown of FEMA/New Orleans infamy is still on the payroll. Among other things.

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