Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Linkage XVIII

Fun with Firefox I'm using Firefox as my browser, because it works well and because it gives me the illusion that I am standing up to The Man. (And it is only an illusion - I am using a Windows computer). Eszter at Crooked Timber has a great post on how to maximize Firefox.

Idle Hands = Lucas' Playthings More cool stuff from BoingBoing. Someone has recreated almost every major scene from Star Wars Episode Four in 168k pixelart.

Bush/Clinton '05! You know we are in interesting times when Norm Ornstein of the Libertarian American Enterprise Institute proposes that in the face of an impending meltdown of the Bush Administration: Cheney resign (for many, many reasons); and is replaced not by Condoleeza Rice but by the President's father, George HW Bush; the President resigns (for many, many reasons) and is succeeded by his father; the new (old) President Bush appoints Bill Clinton as his Vice President in a government of national unity. Wow, I mean, wow! (Via Brad DeLong)

Check It Out! This comes from a few months back, but UC Berkeley psychologist Seth Roberts has really taken empiricism to new extremes. Take some time with this paper (via Marginal Revolution) in which Roberts reports on a variety of self-experiments, including drinking massive amounts of water and staying on his feet for more than eight hours a day - they both work for weight loss, as well as his report that viewing faces on TV in the morning elevates mood but viewing faces at night is depressing. Like I said, take some time and go read the whole thing - it's amazing.

And Yet Another Mashup Also from BoingBoing, Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" brought together with the cult classic "All Your Base are Belong to Us" to make "Zero Wing Rhapsody". This is really, really good, and even includes Wayne's World-style headbanging on the guitar bridge!

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