Sunday, October 02, 2005

Linkage XII

All Work and No Play Make Jack... a Charming Suitor? Jim Macdonald links to a contest for recutting trailers, so that "The Shining" becomes a romantic comedy, and "Titanic" is a scary movie. (Actually, I did find the success of "Titanic" frightening, but for more discursive reasons).

Laundry No pun, this link is about laundry - you know, washing things. Cheryl Mendelson has written a new book called simply that. Go read this short review at BoingBonig - you'll learn things you need to know. We've found the laundry chapter of her magnum opus Housekeeping to be really helpful, as is the balance of the book. I don't know about a big volume (416 pages!) devoted just to laundry, but Housekeeping has been an invaluable resource.

"Gollum is a Pimp" The website Worth 1000 has a daily photoshop contest. Follow this link and you'll see characters from The Lord of the Rings movies photoshopped into everyday situations. (also via BoingBoing)

Redeeming the Time A friend sent me a link to a blog by Ben Witherington of Asbury Seminary. It's well done, and, despite a link to Hugh Hewitt, it's a good example of what a scholar can produce if he can focus on something more than soccer, hot dogs, and where he left his ATM card. I especially recommend his post, A Myth of Origins: America's Christian Founding Fathers?

The Irony of Ironists Lark News is kind of a Christian version of the The Onion. But like the Onion, this month's Lark News has already been overtaken by actual events. In the lead article, "Christian 'Looters' Destroy Sex Shops in New Orleans" one Melvin Smith says, "If looters can rob electronics stores, then we can tear down satanic businesses." Well, there you go. But the article goes on to describe Christians taking out tarot parlors, but it appears that something like this is already happening in real life.

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