Friday, October 21, 2005

Linkage XVI

Happy Discovery While searching for something else, I came across Am I Right, a site dedicated to "Making Fun of Music, One Song at a Time...". Sections include Music Parody and Misheard Lyrics. Example from U2's "Vertigo" - Misheard: "Hell no, Hell no" Original lyric: "Hello, Hello".

Tupac Livz! Via BoingBoing, Pez dispensers honoring fallen hip-hop heroes. Pez refused to give "big ups" to the artist, turning down his request to manufacture the figures. Just another way The Man tries to keep us down.

That's Not Nice Dalia Lithwick at Slate produces a "Makeup Test - A questionnaire Hariet Miers can answer". Sample question: "True of False: Barbara and Jenna totally don't appreciate how cool their Mom and Dad are."

One More Mashup: Poe/Seuss I've been waiting for this. Someone has finally brought together the rhymes of Dr. Seuss and the macabre sensibilities of Edgar Allen Poe with this combination of The Tell-Tale Heart and Horton Hears a Who. Quoth (via):
I buried him under the theedlewog bush
And jumped in a pool to rinse blood off my tush.
How smart I was, Sam! How sane was my plan!
So sure I'd be implicated by no man!

And more seriously...

Divorce - Long Term My friend Jim Stochl has written a thoughtful and moving post on the personal impact of his parents' divorce. Like a good scholar, he connects his own experience with several longitudinal studies on the effects of divorce on children. Please go read this.

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