Monday, October 03, 2005

Second. Worst. Team. Ever.

Because Kevin Roderick at L.A. Observed was wrong, I was wrong in an earlier post. This year was only the second worst season ever by a Los Angeles Dodger team, and not the worst.

I am not comforted by this.


Captain GoBart said...

At least we an commisserate together this winter, as both the Giants and Dodgers were terrible this year. Wait 'til next year! Arg. Now we sound like Cubs fans!

Bob Ramsey said...

You see, this is how Giant and Dodger fans differ. While a Giant fan can always comfort himself with the Dodgers' misfortunes, the troubles of smaller provincial teams like the Giant do not even enter our conciousnesses.

Captain GoBart said...

So, where did I say I took comfort in the Dodger woes? We are baseball fans first, I think, and then fans of our own teams.

And I would hate to guess at the motivation for "the troubles of smaller provincial teams like the Giant do not even enter our conciousnesses." Sounds an awful lot like provincialism to me. Like those posters that say, "Boston's view of America" where Boston takes up 98% of the continent.

Bob Ramsey said...

I just assumed that in your "Joe Morgan's home run remembering" Giantish heart that "comisserating" would include a dose of schadenfreude.

My bad.

Captain GoBart said...

Hey, I will leave Joe Morgan out of our winter conversations about baseball, if you leave out Sandy Koufax in game 7 of the 1965 World Series against the Twinkies. He brought joy to LA, but broke my nine year old heart.