Monday, October 24, 2005

Hat Tricks

My son Chris is having a break out season in soccer this year. He's fourteen and playing in a U-16 league. He worked very hard on his game in the past few months and is being rewarded, most recently by scoring the first two hat tricks of his career in his past two matches.

He has never been much of a goal scorer prior to this year. In fact, I think he has only scored more than three goals in a season once before. But now, as they say in England, he has his shooting boots on.

And not just his boots. Two of his goals have come with his head directly off of corner kicks. This past Saturday, he scored once with his head, once with his right foot after beating his man and going in alone on the keeper, and once with his left - and that one was a beauty.

On that play, he took a bouncing pass at the top of the penalty area, settled it with his right foot, played it away from a defender and then drilled it from twenty yards into the upper corner of the goal with his left foot. I (as the team's coach) usually don't react much to goals, especially goals by my son (that whole favoritism thing). But this one had me up and shouting. It was one of those perfectly struck balls that doesn't even spin as it flies through the air. And with the left foot!

I am very proud.

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