Thursday, October 13, 2005

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Obviously, I am not (yet) one of those bloggers who has carved out space and time to do this. So when the last week and this got hectic, we feel back into blog silence - a huge no-no when you are trying to build an audience.

I do have a number of things which are almost ready. They are a bit more ruminative rather than rants, and that sort of thing takes more time.

In the interim since I've last posted, I've been thinking more about the Dodgers and Eric Gagne's blast against management. I've been thinking about how amazingly different one's reception can be depending on context when last weekend, I was howled at as a villain on the soccer field on Saturday (my team is too rough!) and then blessed for my "sensitive" and "touching" sermon on Sunday.

And then as an appreciater of irony, I note with some relish that when opponents to John Roberts' nomination to the Supreme Court wondered if his religious commitments would influence his rulings, the people around the President and on the right screamed, "Unfair". "No religious tests". Then yesterday, the President said he nominated Harriet Miers because of her religious beliefs. And now today, the Scott McClellan, the President's Press Secretary, lambasted the press for bringing up Miers' religious beliefs. Wow! I mean, wow!

And I know this is isn't very nice, but have you noticed that Harriet Miers looks a lot like Joseph Ratzinger, the new Pope, and that they both look like Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars movies?

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