Wednesday, October 26, 2005

One Thousand

Some people like to focus on their blog hit counts. Me, I write for the love and for the inner satisfaction brought by a well turned phrase. I really don't notice much else, especially not things like this. In fact, until my friend Gregg mentioned his own blog counts this morning, I had, err..., forgotten that I even had a counter on this blog.

But suitably prompted, I noticed that today this blog received its one-thousandth visit. My wife just missed being #1000, but instead it was someone from Portland, OR. Or at least someone using an ISP from Portland.

Thanks to all who have come. Special thanks to Johan, Jon, and Robert who have linked recently, and Jim and Gregg who have linked for awhile. And not that I'm really into to this or anything, but please tell everyone you know about this place.

Or not.

More seriously, I'm glad for what blogging has done for me. It really has given me a chance to gets some things off my chest and allowed me to reconnect with several people. And unexpectedly, it has helped me get even better focused on my real work. Many, many blogs have been started by people trying to avoid their academic work, but this has actually enabled me to become better focused on my real work, which in case you've missed it amid references to soccer, hot dogs, BoingBoing, and general misanthropic grumbling, is to be a teacher and a scholar.


Gregg Koskela said...

I'm glad for what it's done for you, too. Nice try feigning stats don't matter.

And I'll probably lay claim to a couple of hundred of those first 1000 visits. Your welcome.

Captain GoBart said...

Yeah, between Gregg and I, we probably have a third of your first thousand hits. But what are friends for, eh? Personally, counters are vanity. I blog and write because I love it, too. Glad you are in the blogosphere.